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Continuity and Change for Teachers

Mr. Edison says
That the Radio will supplant the teacher
Already one may learn languages by means of Victrola records.
The moving picture will visualize
What the radio fails to get across.
Teachers will be relegated to the backwoods,
With fire-horses,
And long-haired women;
Or, perhaps shown in museums.
Education will become a matter of pressing the button.
–Written in the 1920s by Agatha Brown, Teacher as cited by Larry Cuban in Teachers and Machines

I came across this great poem while searching for reading material for a summer class and I thought it was worth sharing.
While you don’t hear very many teachers complaining about Mr. Edison anymore, I think more than a few would still lament the forces outside of their classroom that are trying to make teaching into a technical field where teachers merely administer the approved curriculum…


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July 3, 2013 · 7:03 PM